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CMP Replacement Pipe

Project Type
Culvert Replacement Project
Englewood, CO - Corner of W Oxford Ave. & S Navajo St.
City of Englewood
General Contractor
American Civil Constructors
Forterra Drainage Pipe & Products

The City of Englewood discovered a 78” corrugated metal pipe (CMP) that was collapsing at the intersection of W Oxford Ave and S Navajo St. This intersection
is very busy and provides access to the light rail station; a large, new apartment complex; the main throughway, Sante Fe; and access to many retail and shopping locations. The CMP was overloaded and extremely deflected from the corner of the intersection to the manhole located on the apartment complex site. Due to the heavy rains that occurred in the summer of 2017, the City of Englewood wanted to get the culvert replaced as soon as possible. The project was to remove as much of the 78” CMP as possible and replace with concrete pipe. This project is a part of a long term project replacing parts of the culvert line.

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