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DWIRS Project
Project Clean Lake

• Part of the NEORSD’s Project Clean Lake Program to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s) through a 25 year, 3 billion dollar program
• Project Clean Lake is designed to ensure that 98% of wet weather flows entering the CSO system receive treatment, therefore drastically reducing raw sewage discharges into Lake Erie and adjacent waterways

• 6,631 LF of 72-inch RCP
• 3,069 LF of 48-inch RCP
• 2,889 LF of open-cut sewer installation
(from 24-inch to 108-inch diameter)
• Multiple cast-in-place structures
(flow structures, culvert connections, etc)
• Installation of 71 manholes 39 regulator modifications
• Contract awarded in October 2014 to Walsh/Super Excavators Joint Venture II (WSXJV) in the amount of $57,479,355
• Construction commenced in December 2014
• Located in the Glenville neighborhood on Cleveland’s east side

Microtunnel Run PM-13 to PM-16
• 662 LF of 72-inch RCP installed to a gradient of 0.20%
• Four (4) shafts: PM-13 (CIP concrete lined), and PM-14, PM-15 & PM-16 (pre-cast manholes)
• Tight easement conditions due to clearance concerns to existing Dugway West Culvert
• Located at the south end of the project
• Per specifications the tunnel alignment & gradient tolerances:
• Horizontal Line = Not to exceed (NTE)
0.40 ft. than shown in contract drawings.
• Elevation (grade) = NTE 0.20 feet than shown in contact drawings
• Ground Settlement Control Requirement:
“The average ground settlement over any distance of 100 ft. along tunnel centerline NTE 1.5 inches.”
• “Ground settlement at the structure nearest to any shaft excavation was not to exceed 2.5 inches.”

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