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The Canyons Offsite Sewer Project

Project Type
Sanitary Sewer
Parker, CO
Parker Water & Sanitation
General Contractor
Iron Woman
Forterra Drainage Pipe & Products
Installation Completed
Henderson Plant

23 each – 48” Diameter sanitary manholes, ranging up to 41’ in depth 36 each – 60” Diameter sanitary manholes, ranging up to 32’ in depth 24”, 21”, and 18” PVC

Historically, the Town of Parker has not allowed precast manholes unless there is engineer approval on specific situations. Forterra’s ability to monolithically cast the invert channel which allowed for up to 18” elevation drops within the manhole and had the ability to easily be aligned with the pipeline allowed for ease of construction and decreased schedule when compared to the alternative cast-in-place option. Being able to monolithically cast in the channel invert in the manhole base was a large factor in being approved for this job. This allowed for the manhole inverts to be cast exactly to the project specifications. Also, the connection between the manhole and the sanitary line required less time for the contractor due to the connections being cast in the walls in order to match the profile of the pipe being connected.

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