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Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe; Lined Type (AWWA C301L)

In diameters from 600mm to 1500mm with standard lengths of 6.096m or 7.315m (depending on diameter)

The Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP; Lined) brings together concrete's high compressive strength and steel's high tensile strength to form a durable structure that can stand up to any project's requirements. It is ideal for all municipal water and wastewater applications, as well as industrial piping. PCCP (C301L) is manufactured in accordance with the AWWA C301 Standard and is designed in accordance with the AWWA C304 standard.

There are many major benefits achieved by using PCCP. The source of all these benefits is the pipe's unique design concept, featuring steel cylinder lined within a rugged prestressed concrete. The mortar coating on the pipe creates a passivating alkaline environment that protects the steel cylinder, joint rings and pre-stressing wire from corrosion. Since concrete continues to gain strength while underground, the materials in PCCP will be increasingly protected over many decades of service.

C301L Features

  • Ease of Installation & Economical – PCCP is installed in less time on site. Because it is a rigid conduit, PCCP needs no special bedding or backfilling under normal ground conditions. Installing any other pipe material often requires bracing, highly compacted bedding, trucking in aggregate, unshrinkable fill, and/or welding—each adds cost, time and potential problems.
  • High Pressure Capacity – PCCP has the high strength to withstand internal and external loads. The pipe's concrete and steel wall is prestressed with steel wire to provide more than sufficient strength to withstand the pressure requirements. The rigid wall fully supports the external forces of the surrounding earth. PCCP is the only piping material that is designed for the combination of internal pressure and external loads.
  • Corrosion Protection – PCCP provides built-in corrosion protection. Due to its unique design combining a steel cylinder lined with concrete and coated with a cement rich mortar, PCCP is chemically protected from corrosion, passivating all steel elements.
  • Designed for Project Requirements – PCCP is custom-designed and made for every application. Each section of pipe, along with each fitting, can be made to meet the pressure loadings and special configuration required.

Typical C301L Applications

  • Water or Wastewater Transmission/Feedermain (Open-cut and Tunnel)
  • Distribution pipelines
  • Treatment facility – yard and/or process piping
  • Water and/or Wastewater Intakes / Outfalls (Subaqueous pipelines)
  • Sanitary forcemains and trunk gravity lines
  • Chlorine Contact Tanks
  • Cooling water system pipelines
  • Power and Industrial plant piping
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