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Headwalls and Wingwalls are produced to finish and secure the ends of gravity pipe, box culverts and bridge sections.

They are designed to function together with the conduit to provide a sound, functional and permanent structure.


Headwalls and Wingwalls are used where:

  • The conduit enters or exits finished grade
  • Flow must be channeled into or out of a conduit
  • The earth embankment surrounding the pipe must be retained
  • The exposed pipe ends pose a danger to traffic
  • Appearance of the pipe end is important


Headwalls and Wingwall systems can include:

  • Parapets
  • Free-standing wingwalls
  • Free-standing headwalls
  • Precast aprons


Every conduit size and shape has a corresponding Headwalls and Wingwalls system available.


Headwall and Wingwall systems are usually connected structurally to the adjacent conduit.

Applicable Specifications

  • OPSS
Grounded In Strength