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QuickHeadWalls are the perfect solution for stormwater outlet and stream inlet applications. They are precast engineered units that install in a fraction of the time it would take to utilize a cast in place headwall. Forterra QuickHeadWalls are certified by the Plant Prequalification Program.


Quick Headwalls are available to fit pipe with diameters as small as 600 mm up to 1800 mm. Can be used on HE pipe up to 1220 mm x 1930 mm.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Two piece system complete with chute blocks
  • No mechanical fasteners required, no extra site work to be done
  • Engineered system
  • Designed to CHBDC requirements
  • Base rests on granular compacted bed
  • Outfall structure
  • Utilizes standard lifting devices for ease of handling
  • Reduction in construction cost due to speed of installation
  • Complete with grate OPSD 804.05
  • Complete with gasket pipe joint- no mortaring of pipe on exposed face OPSD 980.101
  • Optional handrail available OPSD 980.101
  • Random stone pattern finish


A bell pipe joint is included in the endwall.

Grounded In Strength