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QuickSpan Bridge Sections are rectangular three-sided structures mounted on precast or cast-in-place footings.

They can be installed for single or multiple cell applications and are recommended where:

  • Natural stream bottoms are desired
  • Environmentally sensitive lands must be spanned
  • The span is larger than can be accommodated with a standard box culvert
  • Are economical vs. cast-in-place


QuickSpan is produced for the following:

  • New or replacement highway bridges
  • Storm drains
  • New culverts
  • Culvert extensions
  • Utility or pedestrian tunnels
  • Storage facilities


QuickSpan sections are available with spans ranging from 3.6m to 12m and rises up to 3.048m. Maximum and minimum sizes vary according to market area. Please contact your Forterra representative for specifics. Higher rises are available for precast pedestal.


The following joints are normally available for QuickSpan sections:

  • Butt joints with an external joint wrapper
  • Terrafix 270R filter fabric – 600mm width (QuickSpan)

Applicable Specifications

The following specifications apply to QuickSpan:

  • Designed to Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code - CSA S6-06
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