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Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

Today's owners, designers and builders of water and wastewater treatment plants are protecting the quality of life in communities across the nation for generations to come. Along with the ever-growing importance of treating water and wastewater, there is also a strong economic incentive to design and build treatment facilities to serve reliably and efficiently far into the future.

Forterra Pressure Pipe has an unmatched service record for producing fully reliable concrete pressure pipe and fittings for all types of water and wastewater treatment plants. Our company began serving the waterworks industry in 1926 with a contract to manufacture and install a 2100 mm (84-inch) diameter concrete pressure pipeline. That line is still in service today.

Over the past 90 years, more than 24.5 million linear metres of concrete pressure pipe from Forterra Pressure Pipe have been placed in service. That record is a vital consideration for anyone now planning a water or wastewater treatment facility that must endure for decades.

Superior Pipe and Fittings

Treatment plants require very large and complex pipe systems so we design, manufacture and deliver every pipe section and fitting exactly as you need it, when you need it. This includes concrete pressure pipe (CPP) and fittings for above-ground and in-plant applications.

Below ground, the rigid strength of our CPP eliminates the reliance on backfill for lateral support. This greatly reduces the cost and time to install CPP as compared to installing flexible piping materials.

Our complete range of fittings, including wyes, elbows, tees, manifolds, headers and reducers, match their corresponding concrete pressure pipe. All fittings are fabricated in our own plants to meet the same pressure and loading conditions as the adjacent pipe. They are made from welded steel sheet or plate, with the appropriate steel joint rings welded to each end, and then lined and externally coated with cement mortar or concrete for lasting protection.

Water pressure inside each fitting is fully resisted by the steel cylinder. Outlets in the pipe and fittings are reinforced by replacing the area of steel removed from the wall with wrappers, saddles, collars or crotch plates.

Construction Time and Cost Efficiencies

Designing and building your water or wastewater treatment facility is an economic race against time and the unexpected. That's why it pays to have our experienced and highly qualified team on your side.

To reduce costs, cut installation time and minimize space requirements, many fittings for complex layouts can be custom designed and made by combining features such as special ends, outlets, reducers and wall flanges.

Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe, with its associated tees, wyes, elbows, reducers and other fittings, is also well suited for distribution headers and piping galleries.

For greater design flexibility and easier installation in complex and crowded water and wastewater treatment plants, CPP pipe can be supplied in short sections, bevel and half-bevel deflections, and special sections fitted with various types of tangent and centerline outlets.

Because it is so quickly installed without special bedding or backfilling, our concrete pressure pipe helps you achieve important economies of time and dollars. Water and wastewater treatment plants are designed to carry various kinds of water. These flows may include aggressive natural waters, highly septic sanitary sewage and a wide range of chemicals and industrial waste materials. Concrete pressure pipe is particularly suited to safely carry such aggressive flows (although it may be necessary to line the interior of the pipe to handle some of them). Our engineers are ready to help you evaluate any potential threats and then recommend the most appropriate protective measures.

Although the humid environments in interior piping galleries can induce atmospheric corrosion of ferrous pipe materials, concrete pressure pipe actually thrives under the same conditions. In fact, the cement-rich mortar that coats the concrete pipe and fittings gradually gains additional strength in such humid environments.

The ability of the pipe's cement-rich mortar coating to inhibit corrosion is another important benefit of using concrete pressure pipe in water and wastewater treatment plants. The alkaline environment created by the mortar yields a pH value of ±12.5 around the steel, placing the steel components of the pipe into a passive, corrosion-safe state.

Project Field Support

The pipe for your project is custom designed, manufactured and delivered on schedule to the construction site. This can include very large pieces weighing as much as 90 tons or more, carried by truck (using special trailers), barge, rail or ocean freighter.

Even before the first pipe and fittings are unloaded at the site, your Forterra Pressure Pipe field support team is closely tuned to your treatment plant's piping construction schedule and are ready to help address any special requirements.

They will coordinate important details associated with your project and help you get your installation off to a good start. This includes thoroughly reviewing with the contractor our complete step-by-step laying schedule and providing necessary training for the crew and inspectors.

As the job progresses, your Field Service Representative, backed by the Forterra Pressure Pipe engineering team, is trained to spot potential problems and help solve them before any delay can occur.

Our commitment begins the moment you make contact.

You'll know you've found a trusted resource from the very beginning. Our sales team strives to help every customer make informed decisions. And our technical and engineering support is driven by industry-leading expertise and decades of experience. Find your Forterra representative. And find the answers you're looking for.

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