Below Backflow Preventer Vault


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The Below-Ground Backflow Preventer Vault prevents potential cross-connection hazards that are found in potable, fire protection, irrigation, and industrial water systems. Codes require a backflow prevention device where these hazards exist. Pre-installing the backflow preventer in a highly secure precast concrete vault provides quick installation and long-term protection for this critical component, while simultaneously protecting the public water supply.


A multitude of configurations and sizes are available – including fully watertight models for locations with high water tables.


  • Complies fully with your project’s specifications and standards.
  • Rigorous quality control.
  • Pre-assembled by highly experienced Forterra personnel.
  • No crane required - delivered and set using specially equipped boom trucks.
  • Connects quickly to existing waterlines.
  • Provides secure access to meter, register, endpoint, and gate valves.
  • Watertight as required for locations with high water tables.
  • Hidden from view after backfilling and landscaping.
  • Minimizes construction costs.

Applicable Specifications

Each meter, including its sensitive electronics, is housed in a highly durable precast concrete vault, then 100% leak tested in a National Precast Concrete Association Certified Plant.

Grounded In Strength