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The need for protection from increasingly catastrophic weather events is on the rise. Forterra's Precast Storm Shelters provide military bases, schools, campus areas, firms, landlords, and parks and recreation areas with safe havens for their employees or tentants in the event of a natural disaster. Our storm shelters meet state and federal safety requirements and specifications.


Storm Shelters provide safe havens for:

  • Military Bases
  • Schools
  • Campus Areas
  • Business Parks
  • Parks and Recreations
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners
  • Tenants


Storm Shelters are a customized design, tailored to your needs. The size of the shelter can be expanded for future needs.


Forterra's Precast Storm Shelter afford many advantages:

  • Tailored to your needs, our engineers customize the design
  • We provide onsite installation assistance, ensuring your job is monitored from design through completion
  • Fabrication takes place in a certified, quality-controlled environment providing durable and efficient precast shelters that are engineered for your site
  • Units are delivered complete and are built to FEMA Tornado Shelter Federal Specifications
  • Precast, segmented design can be installed rapidly in increments appropriate to the number of people who need to be accommodated
  • Size can be expanded for future needs
  • Units are moveable and removable
  • Products provide the end users with confidence knowing what they've selected is low maintenance and resistant to rust, rot, fire, rodents and environmental hazards
  • Product is naturally durable, strong and secure, providing decades of protection
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